Translation Services

Materials that most demand have translation tourist are:

Translation of letters restaurant menus.

Translate a menu or a menu of a restaurant is a much more complex task than it may seem. The translated text requires a specialized in gastronomic translation translator, who is familiar with the cuisine and the country to which it is addressed. You must know capture and, if necessary, be able to explain or describe what a dish in very few words. The biggest difficulty lies in the translation of the typical dishes of the region and in the names of dishes of nouvelle cousins.

Translation of documents of tourism promotion.

This section includes catalogues, brochures, leaflets, books and tourist guides. It is very important to the correct translation of these elements, since they are the most demanded by tourists looking for information when deciding your next destination. They need to be translated with the utmost rigor and an attractive language. The proper translation depends on that ultimately will decant a tourist for choosing a tourist or other.

Translation of tourist web pages.

The website of a hotel, a country house, a restaurant or any tourist attraction, is the showcase for the rest of the world. The image that projects on the web, it will depend on that potential customers may decide to hire you. Therefore, or say it is, that must be translated in an impeccable way and using a language that arouse curiosity and motivation so that the tourist is decided by your offer.

Translation of audiovisual material and scripts.

The realization of videos, ads and reports to promote a tourist business is an advertising tool every day most commonly used. Translations of the script of this material should be meticulous and perfectly adapted to the language and/or country to which they are directed to avoid possible misunderstandings or provide erroneous or misleading information.

Translation of tourist apps.

Booming in recent years, the creation of apps of a tourist nature is a very valuable resource. Offer the possibility that through a Smartphone or a Tablet any person, regardless of the country, you can access them and perform queries, interact or review of your services or products.

Tourism translations Agora translation service.

In translations now specialize in tourist translation and can help you to inform your service, product or business tourism at the national and international levels. We can offer you translations tourist in 82 languages so you can get out of any part of the planet.

The benefits you will get if you trust your translations to a translation agency specializing in tourism as Agora translations are:

The number of potential clients is increased heavy.

You have complete security that the quality of translations is optimal in all languages. Speak to your customers in their own language.

Get transmit an excellent image, serious and professional.

Sure you know that the first impression is that remains. Therefore the image that you project has to be impeccable, regardless of the language in which you do it. Remember that:

“You won’t have a second chance to create a first impression”.

Quality of tourist translation.

The proper translation of a brochure, a restaurant menu, a map or a program of activities, involves only a small investment compared to the benefits you can get. The translation is not an expense, is an investment.

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It is vital that you run your client in their own language so that their experience is completely satisfactory and so you want to repeat it or share it with their friends or family. To help achieve this objective, our translation company offers you our tourist translator’s team.

We are aware of the demands generated by the constant flow of visitors and tourists. For this reason we offer translation services targeted to improve the projection of the tourist destinations, providing all our knowledge and experience at the service of our customers.

Companies and businesses in the tourism sector who trust us and who charge us their translations include, among many others: hotels, offices and boards of tourism, town halls, museums, restaurants, cottages, airlines, spas, companies of rent of vehicles, hikers centers, theme parks, agency travel, publishing houses, campsites, etc.

In translations now are at your entire disposal for any query that you want to create. Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help you, advise you and make your business to DT definitely. Don’t miss this flight! !!!