How to Resurrect Your Philips Shaver

there may be nothing worse than a shaver which does not really seem to suit you, as a result as soon as you have got located a shaver which goes for you it’s miles hard to update it.

often with the wide choice of components now to be had you can prolong the life of your shaver significantly. The elements of shavers aren’t interchangeable, so it’s far critical to make sure which you get the correct element.

The manufacturers call isn’t always sufficient, before you begin looking make sure that you know the variety of your shaver.

Which Philips Norelco Shaver elements are available?

if you have by no means formerly invested in Norelco shaver elements then you may be in for a pleasant marvel. it is endorsed that shaver heads are replaced each 12 months.

when you have been using your shaver for over a yr without changing the heads your shave will now not be as efficient as while to procure the shaver. changing the heads will give you a better shave and could take much much less time.For shaver read more.

best head shaver

additionally if you have commenced to get any shaver rash, this may be because of the vintage heads and blades. earlier than you write off your shaver study the listing below and see in case you get your shaver returned to ‘just bought’ efficiency at minimal price.

Philips Norelco Spectra

This parts percent includes 3 cutters and three combs; it’ll in shape all the Norelco Spectra range most effective.

Philips Norelco Quadra motion

these heads do not in shape some other Norelco stages. The heads are easy to alternate and need to get replaced every 365 days.

Philips Norelco SmartTouch-XL & pace-XL

The same alternative heads will match each the SmartTouch and speed shavers,
Philips Norelco splendid Reflex movement and Reflex Plus shaver heads cutters and the foils alternative head.