Headphones for the street

Droplets, overhead, plug-in and even monitor , best Bluetooth headphones 2017- every day we meet hundreds of people walking through the streets of the city according to the rhythms of their own playlist. What are they, headphones for the street?

beast bluetooth headphones

What do we look for when choosing headphones for the street:

Type of headphones. There are a lot of options and everything depends on your preferences, but for a person who spends a lot of time on foot walks, trips in minibuses and metros (about the metro we’ll talk separately) one of the main criteria is compactness. Do you prefer a small overhead bag designed for a wallet, keys and, at best, a smartphone? Avoid the cumbersome full-size and overhead headphones. Your choice is in -channel headphones (those with soft rubber earbuds ): rebar or plug-in (gradually losing popularity).


Soundproofing. This is an important criterion for a person who is forced to regularly cruise around a noisy city. To be protected from external noise, there are several ways: to choose models with an active noise cancellation system , to prefer plug-ins with high-quality ear pads that absorb extraneous sounds or reconcile to dimensions, giving preference to full-size (the design of the ear cups and serves as the main fighter with noise).

Type of connection. A careful person will pay attention to the Best Bluetooth headphones 2017. Why? He does not forget to charge the batteries in time or change the batteries. Ideal for the city – a combined connection , i.e. option, where you can connect to the headphones as a standard jack-cable, and connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The length of the cord. 1.3-1.5 meters – the ideal cable length for the city. The average distance from the ears to the overhead pocket located in the belt region is 50-60 centimeters. Too long a cord – a pledge of constant confusion and damage to the plug.

Ergonomics. Pay attention to the type of headphone attachment when you do not listen to them. It is necessary to have a fixing clip, a different length of the cord leading to the earpiece or another “hook” option. Headphones should surely keep not only “on the ears”, but also on your body, without creating obstacles to comfortable movement.

Headset. Uniquely choose a model with a headset, even if you prefer to listen to music from an independent player. Easy switching of the plug you can start the conversation without having to remove the headphones.

Besides. In pursuit of style, bright colors, original design and other delicacies offered by the marketing department of a specific manufacturer, remember, the main thing in best wireless headphones is the sound quality.