Translation Services

Certified translation of your driving license in English and many other languages.

Whether for business, vacation or a transfer of longer duration can happen by having to drive abroad. Arise for many questions on the possibility of spontaneous round with his driver’s license in countries other than the issuing, and our translation agency is ready to give support to those who need a certified translation of the license.

Timing is important

You may have to go abroad to work at short notice, or simply forget to arrange for time the coveted vacation. We can cope with the most urgent needs: try us!

Our strong point through which we help every day new customers in this need is the speed: the translation will be prepared and delivered in 1-2 business days from the time of placement!

Sworn translation of driver’s license

You may have needs of two cases in particular: The certified translation of the license and the license conversion.

Because he recognized abroad the national driving license must be translated and certified afterwards. Our translator after converting into language the content of your document so it will go to court to swear in front of the Chancellor, thus giving full legal value to translation.

In some cases it is required by the foreign State that the translator making the affidavit is a sworn translator, in this case you specify your need in when requesting free quote: our project Manager will take care of your practice taking into account this important detail. The license holder therefore must not only carry the certified translation during their stay abroad, and submit it together with its original Italian document if requested an inspection by local authorities.

Certified translation of a foreign driving license to the Italian

We regularly translate the foreign driving license of our many customers to the Italian language, for driving in Italy. Even in this case there may be difference in needs for translation, depending on whether you want to drive temporarily or if you deal with a permanent transfer.

Patented circulate in Italian territory foreign nationals must provide certified translation of your document to guide.

The foreign license translated as sworn in Italian is valid to drive temporarily in Italy for one year; for a person who acquires Italian residency non-Community foreign State driver’s license will be valid for one year after the original which you will need to do a sworn translation to request conversion of driving licenses in the national driving license.

For added safety the information are always check with the relevant departments of motor vehicles.

Driving in foreign countries

If you go abroad the practice to follow is always the same: for example will suffice sworn translations for Australia to allow you to move, as well as in many other Countries: both to drive with certified translation of driving license in England, both in more distant countries like the United States or Morocco.

If you’re going to do a translation of your driver’s license to drive in the US so don’t hesitate: contact our staff and request your free quote!

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