A Brief Introduction to Cricket

Cricket is a modern day game played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. The game is played with the oval or round shaped floor that has a rectangular 22 yard long pitch at the middle. One team bats to score as many runs as you can. Another team stops the conduct flow by dismissing the batsmen. A run is scored when a batsman hits the ball with his bat, runs on opposite end of pitch and touches the crease there with no disregarded.

There are 3 formats of the game:

Test Cricket

The earliest type of cricket is Test Cricket. The sport of cricket actually evolved with Test Cricket. Records show that test match was played between Australia and England from the year 1876-77. The sport of cricket has come a long way since then. The principles have changed a lot. A test match is performed over a span of five times with each team batting and bowling twice. Maximum over that can be bowled in a day is 90 while there is no limit on the number of over one bowler can bowl. Over 2000 test matches are played till date. you may be interested in cricket prediction

One Day International

Restricted overs cricket has been introduced in England from the year 1963. Internationally, the initial limited over game has been played at the year 1971. 1 match is played in 1 day. Back in 1975, a new tournament called World cup was created. All of International Cricket Council members assembled at one place for a series of matches against each other. The winners of tournament were termed as World Champions.

World cup is played after every four decades. ICC has conducted 10 world cups until date. Australia became champions four times, West Indies and India twice while Pakistan and Sri Lanka once. The last world cup was held in the year 2011 and has been won by India.


The most recent advancement in the game of cricket is twenty-twenty. Here, each group plays 20 overs and also a bowler can bowl a maximum of four overs. First global Twenty-twenty match was played at the year 2005 between Australia and New Zealand. First twenty-twenty world cup was held in 2007. The championship is played every two decades and also twenty-twenty world champions are crowned. 20 international teams have played the game.

Even after 100 years of its existence, the prevalence of the game remains rising. A growing number of people are taking up this game. It’s just second to Football concerning followers around the planet and is place to post a challenge for the top slot really soon.