7 Tips to Organize Your Cat’s Litter Box Area

Can there be anything worse than with a guest come into your house and immediately say “Oh, you own a cat?” And the cat is nowhere to be seen? Oops. That is a fantastic sign you might not be keeping the litter box as clean as you can.

We have 5 cats and people who see our house for the very first time are always SURPRISED when they visit. Having had cats for at least 25 decades, I have tried just about everything to make the task of cat care easier. Here are just two of my finest organizing hints for maintaining the litter boxes clean and the home smelling clean with as little time and effort as you can.

Avoid placing the litter box in your toilet unless you absolutely have to! The litter becomes anywhere. If you need to keep there, get a fully enclosed litter box with an opening for the cat to walk through. They’ll track litter outside the box however. So that leads to my next tip.

The best place I’ve found to keep the litter box is in a little closet with cleaning supplies, or in an infrequently used area of the house. If there’s a door, make sure that you keep the door cracked open. Putting a long item like a roll of gift wrap or shelf paper on among the shelves works well to keep the door from being inadvertently closed. If the place is carpeted, line it with plastic or vinyl carpet liner. Or better yet, remove the carpet if possible. Try to get a litter box that includes high walls and a dome or cover. We recommend you to check this: best cat litter box self cleaning

best cat litter box self cleaning

Keep a handheld vacuum useful to wash out the region around the box frequently. Store the vacuum cleaner onto a shelf or hang it on a wall at the cupboard. Think about keeping an excess pair of batteries and charger handy as well.

Fill out your box half full with litter. Among the most common mistakes people make is not using enough clutter in the box. Cat’s like a very clean box, if there isn’t enough clutter, they may go beyond the box. And if they use the box without enough litter, it will smell worse.

Scoop frequently. Make the task easier by maintaining a huge scooper hanging near the box. Think about keeping a diaper genie handy for disposing of the mess. Keeping a grocery bag holder nearby also is a significant help.

Keep a roll of paper towels and spray cleaner near the litter box. Or receive a container of pop-up wipes. I use the wipes wash the floor round the litter box as well as to spot clean the true litter box between cleanings.

Drain the box entirely once a month. Dump the litter into one of your useful grocery store bags. Utilize your paper towels or a disposable pop-up cleaning product like Clorox Wipes easy to clean the litter box and the surrounding floor. When you’re finished, throw the towels or wipes in with the litter, tie the bag up tight and dump it in the trash!